Taxi Booking Driver App Features And Benefit


In order to remain competitive on the market, it is essential to create a mobile solution for your business. Technology has drastically changed in recent years and all sorts of innovation are appearing all around us; this includes taxis as well. There is a growing competition from less expensive transport services such as Uber-like or car rental firms that can offer similar services at a lower cost while offering better customer service than the traditional taxi firms do. being able and quick to adapt enough will set your company above the rest of the taxis looking into launching their version as well.

There are a variety of taxi applications available on market. One , however, is specifically designed for the established companies and guarantees that clients can reserve their rides conveniently along with expanding clientele base while aiding drivers in finding possible fares faster than ever before.

Two distinct apps were developed by the developers to meet the requirements of drivers and passengers. This offers better-customized features for each of the participants, providing you with an the opportunity to access the features you require without interruptions or distractions.

Must-have Features for Driver Apps

The taxi industry faces increasing competition. One key aspect of maintaining customer loyalty is to ensure that drivers have access to their app. Driver-friendly features give new customers and existing ones to spend more time on job with less hassle. This eventually results in more effective service delivery for all.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

Drivers always prefer to use apps that reduce their effort and offer the best practices. GPS tracking systems determine the passenger’s location, but once they have shared permission, it is more simple for a driver who needs to find them at any given time since they will be aware of where family members are.

Button to Check Availability

The drivers can now use their smartphones to mark themselves available for new requests and collect information. They will be informed immediately when there’s a request that they are available, giving them the possibility to locate a new fare with the relevant details such as location.

Driver Dashboard

The new feature will allow drivers will now be able to see how they rank against other participants in terms of overall performance and gain valuable statistics and insight about their journeys. Additionally, they can read the customer comments from previous rides for any negative or positive feedback that riders left prior to deciding if this is something they should improve upon moving forward.

Sending SMS and email alerts

The cabs will receive important messages from customers via SMS or email alerts. You can answer your passengers’ inquiries via a simple interface. This is beneficial for both the two parties.

Begin/End Ride

Maps are an easy way to get to your destination. It also shows the locations for pickup and drop-off, making it much easier for all affected.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

A user can ask for transport and receive a prompt response. If the driver doesn’t respond within 15-30 seconds of receiving their notification through the app, it’s a sign that there are no more cars located in the area that can take them right away.

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