Purchasing the right e-liquid for your electronic cigarette

It is no secret that cigarette is one of the most addictive drug out there. We have seen many begin their smoking journey with one stick out of curiosity but end up becoming chain-smokers. Practices have been undertaken to help curb this habit. Introduction of the electronic cigarette has aided a lot in reducing the smoking of tobacco. The electronic one is a type of cigarette that operates by use of battery power. It contains a liquid which plays the role of tobacco because it contains some level of nicotine and other flavoring ingredients. When inhaled, the battery power is triggered to produce sparks that convert the liquid nicotine to vapor. No smoke or fire is produced in the process meaning it is less harmful to your body.

Tobacco users who want to quit smoking should try vaping as a withdrawal procedure. This is because you can adjust002 the nicotine levels in your e-liquid. Non-smokers are also catered for because of the availability of e-juice that does not contain nicotine. I know many people hate the traditional cigarette because of the kind of smell produced by the burning tobacco. They have to eat or chew refreshing thing to do away with that foul odor. E-cigs produce no smoke, and their e-juice is flavored to give you the right smell. There are several things you should consider when purchasing the right e juice for your vaping cigarette. They include


The vaping juice is made of different flavors meant to bring out that good taste and smell when using the electronic cigarette. The various types of flavors include chocolate, apple, strawberry, and mint. Manufacturers have also come up with tobacco blend flavors which are mostly preferred by new users. You should go for the one you find suitable for you. Some might be irritating to your throat after inhaling so be careful not to use them again.

Nicotine levels

You should consider the nicotine strength of a vaping juice before purchasing one. These liquids contain different nicotine levels which are indicated in on the container. Excess nicotine can be harmful to your body and bring about headaches. Those trying to quit smoking tobacco are advised to use minimum amounts of nicotine to help in the process. For non-smokers, you may choose those with zero nicotine content or just less.

PG/VG content

003Propylene glycole and vegetable glycerin are some of the basic ingredients in vape juice which also add flavor and bring about that awesome feeling when inhaled. You are advised to buy juice with an equal content of these components. The ratio of half propylene glycole to half vegetable glycerin is known to work best for most people. You should try mixing it that way to have a great vaping experience.