Finding the right pop up canopy

A closed canopy gives you an opportunity to lie down and do not worry about bothering your sleeping time. Also, if you want to spend your time outdoors, it will keep you safe from wild animals, rain, and the sun. Moreover, if you plan to throw a party, ensure you get one with a roof and metal frames.

pop up canopy 254312Nowadays, portable shelters are available in a broad range of sizes and forms. You can tell the kind of occasion you are purchasing one for to get finest options. If you are planning to camp far from home and trees are scarce, you should go for a tent-like canopy. The following are some features to look for in a pop-up canopy:

Features of a pop up canopy

Quick setup

The best pop up canopy should not take more than three minutes to set up. The timeframe starts from the moment you unzip the carrier bag to the time you straighten your back. It is not a good idea to buy a pop up canopy which demands a lot of effort to install. It should be flexible and have a built-in frame. Having a long manual before setting up means that your instant shelter is not instant.


Pop up canopies are not just meant for partying and camping. In fact, even business owners do buy them for trade shows and several other events. In any case, the pop up canopy you buy ought to be lightweight. The material you choose should not be flimsy as the wind is likely to blow it away. However, the shelter should be light enough for a single person to carry.


Whenever you are outside, the main enemies of your shelter are the rain, sunlight, and wind. Unfortunately, you cannot stop heavens from pouring them. Therefore, the strength of your tent matters a lot. It should not have bendable poles. The steel frames ought to be thick and have wide foot pads.

Stress-free storage

pop up tent 266Other than being easy to set up, your canopy should also be easy to fold down. In fact, storage is a bigger issue than even setting up. This is because you are likely to be in a hurry when going back home. However, this is not possible if you have a shelter which has a tricky disassembling procedure.


You need a pop up canopy that provides adequate protection against criminals and nature. You can find some tents that are windproof and waterproof. This means that you can stay outdoors for a while.